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Welcome to www.shoerepairer.info

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Welcome to www.shoerepairer.info


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Member of the year 2013

by Lee, Monday, 01 July 2013 10:16 Comments(0), Read all

Who’d have thought it some 8 years ago today Keith joined the forum to become member number 1.

Originally I gave the idea 3 years, fully expecting it to be dead & buried as things moved apace, but membership has grown & the ever flowing topics & posts have continued & today we find ourselves at our 8th Anniversary!
Friendships formed & free help & support to the industry continuing on…

So which member has given us that extra support? Who has gained the greatest respect of the members to be crowned the shoe repair forum member of the year?

It’s interesting to look at the winners list, Ascap29 (now Kobblers) has been with us since the early months & continues to be here day in day out, so does Planet UK900, RLJ (now Gray) & Grahamparker. Hugh-Candoit (ENG) virtually went off the radar but continues to check in all be it less frequently, Andy moved business premises but is always on the end of the PM line if you need him as is TeL200.

Previous winners

2006: Ascap29
2007: Hugh-Candoit (ENG) & Planet UK900
2008: Planet UK900
2009: TeL200
2010: Andy
2011: RLJ
2012: grahamparker

We’ve only had one member win two years on the trot which shows how the site continues to ebb & flow, this year the winner was described as “someone who is always willing to give more than he takes”
This pretty much sums up the ethos of the site, so without any further woffle I am proud to announce this years winner for consecutive years is


Well done Graham you are the Shoe Repair Forum Member of the year 2013 & will receive a £100 Argo’s token in the post in the coming days.
Lee ...
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by Lee, Wednesday, 20 June 2012 16:01 Comments(0), Read all


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The Wiltshire Cobbler Collection

by Lee, Tuesday, 21 November 2006 08:57 Comments(0), Read all


The Wiltshire Cobbler Collection

All members should have a look at this topic


We have had a fantastic addition to our image gallery, which deserved a special place so I have added a new gallery section called “The Wiltshire Cobbler Collection”

J - Wiltshire Cobbler, who’s a relatively new member has entered into the spirit of the site by sharing his collection of old photos with us. Please view the topic to find out more……..

His collection can be viewed here


the voice of the industry.

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cow boy boots, worn out!cow boy boots (repaired) traditional repairs (worn out!)traditional shoes (repaired)leather soles & heels

The "Voice" of the industry.

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Welcome from the team, Feedback, wish list and suggestions.
Cutting Edge - Winter 2014

I've just uploaded the winter edition of cutting edge

http://www.shoerepairer.info/index.php? ... ER2014.pdf

Its quite an interesting edition, thankfully it appears that Garys topic here on the forum, "cutting Edge fashion" which lead me to believe this was a cutting edge backed campaign isn't it merely an endorsement for a new product from Shoe string (page 17) which ...

by Lee, Wednesday, 10 December 2014 09:34 [ Read all ]
Welcome from the team, Feedback, wish list and suggestions.

I've tried must be a hundred various options to bring our site up to date over the past few years. Installing, finding short comings to programs & having to many technical issues to put right that prove tricky & moving on. I "think" I've finally found a licensed software that does the trick!
although the forum we use is well sorted & has rave re ...

by Lee, Tuesday, 30 September 2014 09:39 [ Read all ]
Welcome from the team, Feedback, wish list and suggestions.
The cutting edge exhibition

It was my first time visiting the show on Sunday! Had a great time meeting new people & looking at all the products & suppliers. I'll defo try and make it to another one. Great friendly atmosphere. Who else went to it? ...

by worn_to_reborn, Monday, 15 September 2014 18:11 [ Read all ]
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